Travel Tips In Mumbai
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Travel Tips In Mumbai

Bearing in mind the requirements of tourists and business travelers as well, there are innumerable hotels in the Island City.Mumbai, India’s economic powerhouse, pulses with power and energy.

Mumbai, the nation’s Financial Hub, is visited by scores of people throughout the year. Mumbai has two Airports-The Chattrapathi Shivaji International Airport and Santa Cruz Domestic Airport.At a height of 26 feet above mean sea level, The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport serves as one of India’s major international airports

While planning a trip to Mumbai avoid the monsoon months of June through September, when Mumbai becomes one big, overflowing pothole. Mumbai is counted amongst the most-visited tourist destinations of India. The city of full of tourist attractions, which comprise of magnificent monuments like Gateway of India on one hand and fun-filled amusement parks like Essel World on the other.It is best to avoid the monsoon months that start from June to September while planning a trip to Mumbai.

Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city where many foreign nationals are also based. There are many NRI’s who stay in Mumbai and keep travelling to their home country. It is very important to know where your home consulate / embassy is. Mumbai, the Financial Hub of India, has foreign embassies of nearly all the major nations of the world

Mumbai…where life never seem to end, where action never seem to seize and where the splendor never cease to mesmerize all…well, that and much more, this magni opus city which was once called the country’s brightest jewel, is now a teeming metropolis and India’s commercial hub.Mumbai is a city that virtually never sleeps. Being the major gateway to India, the city receives tremendous international traffic.